Now that I’m back here on Dean’s Digest, what better way to get myself drawing again, and posting here more regularly, than to start a challenge/project. The 100 Day Project, to be more precise. Technically it’s a challenge, but I prefer the word project, because it doesn’t seem as daunting as ‘challenge’.


This particular 100 Day Project is the 100 Day Drawing Project, created by the wonderful artist Minnie Small. I should also point out that Minnie created these 100 drawing prompts, but didn’t specifically set it as a 100 day project. I’ve decided that I will do one of the prompts each day for the next 100 days.

 I first found Minnie through her YouTube Channel, and I just love her aesthetic, and the way she creates her videos–phenomenal. I only more recently found her blog through her 100 Day Drawing Project, and I couldn’t have found it at a better time as I am currently relaunching the blog, and my artistic ambition!

100day drawingproject


Like I mentioned in yesterdays blog post, due to the course I was doing for the past 9 months, I’ve kinda been on a break from art and drawing in general, and now I feel like I am ready to jump back into it now that the course is over, and what better way to motivate myself than by setting myself a project.


I am going to be doing this project everyday in a sketchbook that I have dedicated specifically for this challenge! I am a sketchbook and notebook hoarder collector, so all I had to do was rummage through my box full of blank books and pick which one spoke to me the most. This is the notebook I chose, which is an orange/mandarin coloured A5-sketchbook with blank cream pages.

My trusty sketchbook for the next 100 days. I got this one in Flying Tiger.


The next important thing is where I am going to be sharing these 100 drawings. Of course I have to share these drawings with you. As a blogger and an avid user of social media (I am a millennial, after all), I can’t not share this fun project with you all! I will be sharing all 100 drawings (one per day) over on my Instagram: @deansdigest. That blue text there is a link for you, that will bring you straight to my Instagram where you can follow my account. Make sure you also turn on the notifications for my account, as the algorithm that Insta have at the minute is so messed up, I’m surprised anyone finds anything over there.

I will also, of course, be sharing my drawings here on the blog, but not everyday. What I will be doing though, is composing a weekly blog post that I will share here, and it will have all 7 drawings from that week.


I’m starting my 100 Day Drawing Project tomorrow on July 1st 2017. I’ve also done the math for you, and figured out that exactly 100 days from July 1st is October 8th 2017. July 1st is a Saturday, so the first weekly blog post shall be going up Saturday, July 8th, and it will include the first seven drawings from July 1st – 7th.

My sketchbook, along with the 100 drawing prompts printed out!


Last, but not least: What are the drawing prompts? The prompts I am using are taken directly from Minnie’s Blog Post (which you can go to by clicking that blue link), so I thought I would go ahead and share them with you here too:


  1. Split a page into a grid of square inches, draw an object to fit in each square. (e.g. a key, a tube of lipstick, a candle…)

  2. Cut the edge of a page in your sketchbook into a wiggly line. Paint something that incorporates the new page edge. (examples here)

  3. Draw a cross-section of a building, think of the different floors, the furniture and people inside.

  4. Illustrate a favourite quote.

  5. Invent a single box from a comic strip panel. No context.

  6. Paint a detailed fantasy themed portrait.

  7. Make up a funny comic strip.

  8. Paint a detailed watercolour landscape.

  9. Do some crowd-watching. Draw people with no outline, just a block of colour to match the shape of them, filled with details.

  10. Fill a page with an abstract pattern.

  11. Draw in a different coloured ink than usual.

  12. Make up lots of little creatures.

  13. Draw a scene in grey-scale with one additional colour.

  14. Draw a really tall man.

  15. And a really trendy girl.

  16. And someone covered in tattoos from head to toe.

  17. Draw out a full page from a made-up comic book.

  18. Sketch some life drawing poses. (Try these sites if you can’t make it to a life-drawing class. Hereherehere.)

  19. Try to draw a page full of really neat minimalist plants.

  20. Draw a piece of food that’s come to life. Use ink and watercolour.

  21. Fill a page with different shaped, floating heads. Try to make each face as unique as possible but use the same 2 or 3 colours in each one.

  22. Draw someone floating or flying.

  23. Create an ink drawing of a cool dog. Like, a really cool dog.

  24. Paint a page for of different objects all crammed together, piled on top of each other, filling the page to every corner.

  25. Paint a realistic colour portrait in gouache (or whatever paint you prefer)

  26. Draw a full-body cartoon caricature of a celebrity.

  27. Fill a page with writing about something that you’ve drawn.

  28. Sketch a detailed pencil portrait.

  29. Put together four different drawings that somehow follow the same theme. They could be similar in framing, in colour scheme etc.

  30. Paint a full-body cartoon in gouache (or acrylic, something bold) with no outlines, just block colours.

  31. Illustrate a favourite poem.

  32. Fill a page with cats.

  33. Fill another page with different black and white patterns.

  34. Draw a corner of a room. Make sure you colour it too (however you want to).

  35. Do a double-spread sketch-dump using only two coloured pencils.

  36. Draw and colour a wall full of graffiti.

  37. Paint some realistic watercolour flowers.

  38. Now sketch a full page of flowers in ink.

  39. Paint four, small but detailed gouache landscapes.

  40. Sketch a face in ink, paint a portion of it in realistic skin tones.

  41. Fill a page with things that are round. Think fried eggs, wheels, a globe….

  42. Fill another page with objects that you find around the house.

  43. Draw a crowd of people.

  44. Paint some cute colourful doodles.

  45. Imagine a fruit-animal hybrid creature.

  46. Draw a very simple, minimalist landscape.

  47. Create a repeating pattern. Like something that could be used as wallpaper or wrapping paper.

  48. Illustrate a word.

  49. Draw a page of insects.

  50. Fill a page with different pieces of food.

  51. Draw on black paper.

  52. Create your own mutant.

  53. Invent a character and draw them in detail. Write a bit about them too.

  54. Page full of mermaids!

  55. Draw all the characters from a TV show.

  56. Do the same thing for characters from a film.

  57. Draw a scene from the book you’re reading.

  58. Fill a page with yellow things. Lemons, New York cabs, the sun…?

  59. Now, a page of pink things!

  60. Draw a skyline.

  61. Paint a detailed rainforest/jungle scene in gouache.

  62. Do a detailed drawing in biro!

  63. Paint a floral wallpaper. Maybe you could use it as your new phone background?

  64. How about a tattoo wallpaper?!

  65. Design a movie poster for a made-up film.

  66. Draw the same person at different stages of their life; baby, toddler etc…

  67. Invent a building. Maybe a futuristic sky-scraper? Or a decaying old haunted hospital?

  68. Draw a police line-up.

  69. It’s time for you to do a self-portrait!

  70. Spend some time practicing drawing hands.

  71. Now have a look at some feet in detail. *shudders*

  72. Invent a mythical creature and paint it in detail in it’s typical surroundings.

  73. – 100. This space is for you to draw whatever you’re in the mood for. The challenge is 100 pages remember, not 100 prompts. Sometimes you can rely on your imagination and you just don’t need a prompt!

This challenge/project is open for anyone to participate in, and if you do, all I ask is that you mention that Minnie is the creator of it, and tag her posts, and not mine. Like Minnie, I will also mention, even if you don’t do the full project, hopefully some of the prompts will help you along in some form, whether its that you’re in a drawing rut, or you just can’t think of what to draw next.

I will also be using the hashtag on Insta: #100daydrawingproject, if that makes it any easier for you to follow my posts on Instagram.

Alright then–I think I’ve rambled on for long enough. Time to get ready for 100 days of drawing. Here’s hoping this one doesn’t end on Day 8, like my #XMasArtChallenge2016…


**All photos and graphics in this blog post are ©Dean Kealy 2017, and should not be reused, re-purposed, or edited in any manor or fashion without his permission.**

5 Replies to “THE 100 DAY DRAWING PROJECT!”

  1. Although I am no artist I commend you for taking on this challenge to improve your drawing skills. This type of challenge can be applied to tasks that you want to improve on. Good luck on your 100 day drawing project!

  2. This sounds fantastic Dean and I’ll join you just as soon as I get a chance. I have a couple of days to catch up on already and your watercolour has set the standard very high. Painting is my least confident/used art skill so the result will be interesting.

    Like you, my self-styled Christmas challenges – #ArtForAdvent and #FavouriteFestiveFaces – fizzled out after just a few days, hence why I started doing the portraits on friends’ birthdays (though I very quickly realised just how many friends’ birthdays fall in May/June

    Your weekly summary post on the blog is a great idea and I look forward to seeing all of these

    1. Can’t wait Daniel! Remember, you can start whenever you want–you don’t have to do the same 100 days that I am doing! 😀

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