100 Day Drawing Project: Week 8 (50-56)

100 Day Drawing Project: Week 8 (50-56)

Welcome to the Week 8 round-up of my 100 Day Drawing Project, collecting my entries from Day’s 50 through to 56. We’re already half way through–can you believe it? We’ve approx. 6 weeks left in the challenge, which will leave us halfway through October, which is great, because I’m also hoping to participate in the Inktober Challenge which happens in the month of October where you’ve to make a drawing everyday using only ink!

As usual, if you want to keep up with me on a daily basis as I share these drawings on their respected days, you can follow me on Instagram: @deansdigest, but if you’re not an Instagram user, make sure you follow my Facebook Page: Dean’s Digest where I also share the drawings!

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